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Have You Ever Worked As A Sewer Cleaner?

The stink can be horrendous. Our sense of smell is a gift that we all appreciate. The smell of fresh flowers, just baked apple pie or a roast simmering in the oven are all enjoyable olfactory treats. to everyone. But when that smell turns into something awful, it becomes an unpleasant odor that may not be simply offensive, but dangerous due to the underlying reasons for your odor problem – bacteria. You have tried every remedy you know to no avail. Now it’s time to call for  professional help for your Allergy Relief and Odor Removal issue in Cincinnati OHIO.

Here’s the issue to consider. The odor you are fighting could be the precursor of something much worse than an embarrassing stink. That odor may indicate that your home is a breeding ground for a noxious mix of diseases viruses and pollen, any of which can cause serious breathing problems, allergic reactions, influenza and other airborne diseases.

Don’t invite trouble.

Be proactive. If you don’t eliminate the source of the smell, (bacteria) you could be inviting trouble into your household. This is especially true of families with young children and elderly adults. Both of these age groups are particularly vulnerable to the ill effects that may be occurring in your home right now.

What You Need To Do

Call , the highly rated Allergy Relief Removal and Odor Removal Service Cincinnati Ohio and towns on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River at your first opportunity. We welcome inquiries homeowners and businesses from  in Cincinnati and  many other communities within 10 miles of Cincinnati, including the Towns of






To get rid of your odors, our company utilizes a special proprietary process that combines Chlorine and Oxygen in  exact proportions  to create CL2Oor Chlorine Dioxide.  The formula was first discovered over a century and a half  ago, but it was only recently that it was processed and fully tested for the jobs for which it was intended:  the removal of potentially dangerous bacteria, allergens, pollen and other impurities from a home and create a safe environment for families and commercial buildings.

Our revolutionary Odor Removal & Allergy Relief process has successfully utilized CLO2 and its Miracle Vapor Gassing System to create the most efficient, safe and cost effective  Allergy Relief and Odor Removal Company in Cincinnati OHIO, a process that is fast becoming the country’s number one odor removal process.

Miracle Vapor System

There are good reasons why our unique Chlorine Dioxide system is sweeping the country like no other product before it,  Its success is due to one primary reason: our Miracle Vapor System works. It’s completely safe for use anywhere. CLO2 removes odors, freshens indoor air, kills germs, viruses and makes your home a healthy, happy environment. It puts to shame any product from years gone by. The difference is very obvious.

What types of odors will Chlorine Dioxide work on? One answer is … all of them, especially the tough ones. The better question might be – What odors doesn’t CLO2 work on.  We are unable to find any. Our studies and experience has come up with the top eight worst odors that homeowners or businesses deal with. Do any of them sound familiar?

  1. 1. Pet urine is tops  on the worst odors list, with cat litter boxes often the main culprit.
  2.  Cigarette smoke including secondhand smoke odor is number 2 on most “horrible odor  lists”, but neck and neck  with pet pee.  How sweet it is.
  3. Cooking odors such as fish and curry, garlic. Sorry our Indian friends
  4. Musty basement and crawl space odor- dark and damp areas breed mildew
  5. Automobile odors of all types including smoke
  6. House fire Smoke from  from  house fires
  7. Old folks smell ( you know what we mean)
  8. Marijuana smoke, especially as it is becoming legal in more states

With results like these, our amazing odor removal system is continues to be well received by the homeowners in this region for eliminating the odors that we all love to hate. For an in depth rundown on the technical effects of CLO2, we invite you to peruse the 19 page website on the product on our website.  

Real Estate Professionals – Read This

Real Estate Agents are a natural market for Clo2. If you are an individual attempting to sell your own house or a Real Estate Professional, our incredible CLO2 system works quickly and economically to  Removes Odors and provides permanent  Allergy Relief and Odor Removal in Cincinnati OHIO

A huge challenge for anyone attempting to sell a house in this market are homes owned by smokers. Over time those homes have absorbed horrible odors that just won’t go away. The smell is most commonly vestige of old  and recent smoke from cigarettes, cigars and marijuana. Curry and other ethnic spices often leave a heavy odor that many potential buyers can not tolerate. Unlike other ineffective methods like ozone, perfumed wicks, aerosol sprays or any of the many ineffective odor products on the market, CLO2 works! It is a super permanent odor killer and that will eliminate the most offensive odors. Call us now and odrs gone of Cincinnati will have your home smelling fresh and ready for showing in 23 hours or less. In the mentime, we invite you to visit


We think realtors Deserve A Miracle From our odor removal company in Cincinnati, OH. All Real Estate Agents & Property Management Companies Receive 20% Off All Our Services       

Real Estate Agents and Property Management Companies in Cincinnati face problems with foul odors in their sale listings or rental properties constantly. Our Miracle Gassing system with CLO2 allows productive realtors to  eliminate that problem by ordering a Allergy Relief and Odor Removal treatment in Cincinnati OHIO. We will treat your  homes with CLO2 and get rid of all your odors and you can collect $200. The entire process takes 24 hours or less. Amazing!

Don’t lose a client because of an odor that meets a potential buyer  when they walk into the property.


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Additional Uses For CLO2

Our amazing process with Chlorine Dioxide has no relation to potentially harmful chlorine bleach and is  a far cry from ineffective ozone systems It has many uses

Imagine how a stored rv or boat smells after a few months of dry dock or winter storage.

The germ, odor allergen killing capabilities make our product perfect for cleaning and sanitizing a variety of facilities, including.

  • medical facilities,
  • gyms and workout facilities,
  • dog kennels,
  • clubs
  • health care facilities
  • taxis, busses uber vehicles


Free Home Odor Removal Inspections

Individual homes and rental units may qualify for a free home inspection to determine the cause off your odors. Our technicians do a visual inspection of

your entire home, and specifically target odor vulnerable areas like attics, basements and crawl space, if needed. Homeowners and rental properties may require proper clearances from owners.

NOTE The product is so safe and versatile that it was used to eliminate odors, sanitize and refresh the air of government buildings during the anthrax terror attack several years ago.

Allergens, Pollen, Hay Fever Season

Those of us who are prone to sneezing, sniffling, tearing generally have negative reactions when exposed  to irritants will love what our system does to those irritants. This amazing product eliminates all irritants and leaves you with wonderful fresh air. What’s that worth to people who react negatively to the effects of  allergens and other airborne irritants in their homes, particularly during spring and early summer high pollen and fall hay fever season?

Homeowners: Don’t Forget our incredible offer …


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