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About Us

Dave Westerkamp took over Westerkamp Flooring Co. from his father, Louis  Westerkamp, in 1972. Westerkamp Flooring was started in early 50’s by Louis who had been working for East Hills  Flooring. Louis was a carpenter by trade before he started as a floor covering installer.

Dave used to go to work with his father as a child and started full time installing in 1963. He attended Armstrong Flooring School learning to install tile and linoleum on floors and walls. He also learned to install carpet, ceramic tile, cabinets, paneling, other carpentry, ceilings, plumbing, electrical, etc. from his father and other industry experts.

In 1968 he purchased his first hot water extraction unit and started cleaning carpet along with his other duties. In 1980 he purchased Host Dry Extraction Cleaning equipment and started dry cleaning carpet. In 1990 he closed Westerkamp Flooring Store and started Westerkamp’s Dry Carpet Cleaning becoming an expert in this field.

Due to the commitment of the owners and staff, Westerkamp’s Dry Carpet Cleaning has become one of the most respected carpet cleaning companies in the Cincinnati area.

Of course none of this could have been possible without our customers whom we value highly, so thank you for helping us make our dream a reality.